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Hargrove Vented Gas Logs
Hargrove gas logs are copied from "real" wood for the most lifelike appearance and are known for their incredible beauty and fidelity to nature. From the economical Classic Oak to the massive Mountain Timber and Kodiak Logs, the attention to detail is evident - split bark, knot holes, bark color variations, saw buzz cuts, charred ends, each log is unique.

Hargrove vented gas log sets are available in sizes from 15" to 66", to fit any woodburning fireplace.   In addition to traditional log sets, Hargrove offers a Victorian styled Coal Basket, with either logs or coals, ideal for historic homes.  To further enhance their logs, burners designs include, basic pan burner  to more elaborate burner systems complete with double and triple stack burners with high capacity controls for the largest log sets.

Vented Logs are decorative appliances and are not heater rated -  the fireplace damper is completely open so Carbon Monoxide and products of combustion can escape.  For use in operational masonry and wood-burning fireplaces with minimum 8" diameter chimney. The fireplace must be able to sustain a woodburning fire in order for the logs to be installed safely.
Hargrove Vented Gas Log St Louis MO Dealer
Vented Gas Logs by Hargrove Premium Select Logs St Louis, MO Dealer
Kodiak Char weaves huge charred logs and colorful split pieces into a beautiful fire that will fill larger fireplaces.Kodiak Split offers exceptionally large and detailed split logs with deep textured bark for the finest in a fresh cut look.Kodiak Triple-Stack log kits feature 4 to 5 additional logs, designed to expand and complement the Kodiak Double-Stack log sets.  This new combination gives an additional 10" of depth and approximately 4" to 8" of height when compared to the Double-Stack.Kodiak Series logs and the Double-Stack/Triple-Stack burner system were finalists for the prestigious Vesta award for gas logs at the 2008 HPBExpo.Summit Oak features a majestic stack of fresh cut logs for a look that is large, yet elegant.  Summit Oak sets are designed with greater depth and more height than standard log sets, to fill large masonry fireplaces.Mountain Timber's unique paint scheme and gnarled log shapes create a distinct likeness of high-country timber.  Utilizing a new paint process and our time-tested craftsmanship, Mountain Timber has crisp, incredibly fine detail on its substantial rounded logs.
Woodland Timbers features massive front logs, dark bark with charring & more logs than the Cross or Rustic Timbers- truly a magnificent log set with 3 times more heat output than conventional vented logs- 21" ; 24" 30" & 36" sets.Rustic Timbers' mix of large and small logs pushes the glow up front, showcasing dark charring and colorful split wood textures, while combining a variety of uniquely shaped logs into each set.
Rustic Timbers features split front logs, dark bark with dark charring with 3 times more heat output than conventional vented logs- 21" ; 24" 30" & 36" sets.
Hargrove Vented Gas Log Collection  Brochure
Hargrove Large Vented Gas Logs - Brochure
Hargrove Radiant Vented Gas Logs - Brochure
Classic Oak sets feature all the natural beauty and realism you expect from Hargrove, combined with a simpler color scheme for outstanding value.  Classic Oak sets are offered in 15", 18", 21", 24" and 30" sizes, and See-Thru models.  Available with RGA2-72 or ANSI Z21.60 certification, and in naturHargrove Select sets combine naturally textured bark logs with split top pieces and a decorative pine cone, for a distinct look.  If you want the finest in fresh cut logs, this is the set for you.  Hargrove Select sets are offered in 18", 21", 24", 27", 30", 36", 42", 48" and 66" sizes.  18" shown.Mountain Aspen is a refreshing look at a beautiful timber, featuring lovely bark texture on one side, and detailed split heartwood on the other.  This design allows either side of the log to be viewed, and both looks can be combined to create a unique log set in every home.  Mountain Aspen sets are Western Pine sets feature colorful, intricately detailed split wood and bark textures.  Western Pine sets are available in 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30", 36", 42" and 48" sizes, and See-Thru models.  Photo Shown is the 15".
Blazing Pecan sets feature deep bark and natural char textures with one piece front logs.  Blazing Pecan sets are offered in 18", 21", 24", 27" and 30" sizes, and See-Thru models.  Available with RGA2-72 or ANSI Z21.60 certification, and in natural gas or liquid propane configurations.  24" shown. Magnificent Inferno offers massive logs, with lots of charring, and heavy, richly detailed bark.  Magnificent Inferno sets are offered in 21", 24", 30" and 36" sizes, and See-Thru models.  24" shown.Kiva sets were designed with the Desert Southwest in mind, with a vertical grate system and log stack that complements the unique characteristics of adobe and Southwestern style fireplaces. Kiva sets are offered in one size, approximately 14" in height and 16" in width.  18" shown.
Fresh Cut Style Vented Gas Logs - Brochure
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Vented Gas Logs: St Louis MO

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New Looks for Hargrove Log Sets:
Canyon Wildfire - more logs with the look of a burning campfire  in 21", 24" and 30" as well as See-Thrus - Vented Only.Classic Log Set - one of our oldest styles - realistic flame  pattern  at an affordable price 15" - 30" and See Thru - Vented Only.Grand Oak Log Set - one of our oldest styles - deep textured bark realistic flame  pattern 18" - 48" and See Thru - Vented Only.Inferno Log Set - charred burnt thru log style;  great center flames;  18" - 30" and See Thru - Vented Only.Hargrove Select  - combination log set, with both full bark and split logs with buzz cuts  in sizes 18 " to 66" as well as See-Thrus - Vented Only.Twilight Inferno  - Split logs with great ember bed  sizes 21" to 36" as well as See-Thrus - Vented Only.Supreme Ponderosa Massive logs designed for large masonry fireplaces split and full bark look; 24" - 48" and See Thru - Vented Only.