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Primo Grills & Smokers

Primo Grills And Smokers Are The ONLY
American Made Ceramic Kamado Grills!

Cooks Direct and Indirect Simultaneously!!
Patented Oval Design Allows For Greater
Flexibility And Versatility!!
Experience The Quality!!

Teak Table for the Oval XL

This elegant Table for the Oval XL Primo Grill is made
from unfinished Teak, it can be stained any color you
desire and makes the perfect addition to your Primo Grill and Smoker.

  • Made specifically for the Primo Grill Oval XL
  • Teak wood construction (Unfinished)
  • Heavy Duty Casters provide easy movement
  • Dimensions: 61 "W-25"D-32"H
  • Some Assembly Required

XL Oval in Teak TableXL Oval in Large Cypress TableXL Oval in Compact Cypress TableXL Oval in Cart with SS Side Tables
Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

We’re passionate about outdoor cooking. Cooking, grilling and smoking food over a charcoal fire adds  a  rich smoky flavor that only natural lump charcoal  offers – it’s the difference between just ordinary grilling and an outdoor feast. Our goal is for you to experience rich, succulent flavor each time you use your Kamado Grill. Compare our grills to the competition. We believe you want products that function at the highest  level, look aesthetically pleasing and last a lifetime - you will find our grills are made of higher grade materials, a superior design and all at a preferred price – One of the greatest rewards of owning a Kamado grill is it’s a grill, a smoker and an oven all rolled into one. Imagine a sizzling ribeye, a pork butt smoked to tender perfection or your favorite homemade pizza all prepared from the same “grill”. Smoke for 24 hours at 180°F or heat it up to 750°F for a perfectly seared steak. No other grill offers such versatility.  Never use starter fluid or “instant light” briquettes. It will give an undesirable flavor to your food and impregnate the ceramic material of your Kamado Grill.

A bit about Kamado style cooking:
Clay vessels have been used by humans to cook food for many thousands of years; found in every part of the world and some of the earliest dated by Archaeologists to be over 3000 years old have been found in China. It is believed that in the circular clay cooking vessels are the origins of the modern Kamado grills, the clay finally being superseded by ceramic materials. The name "Kamado" is, the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range”. Kamado  has become a generic term for this style of grill. Kamado grills are generally fueled by charcoal although some attempts have been made to fire them with gas or electricity. Kamado style grills are made from a variety of materials including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, traditional terra cotta and a mix of Portland cement and crushed lava rock. Outer surfaces also vary from a high gloss ceramic glaze, paint, textured stucco-like surface and ceramic tiles. The use of modern ceramic and refractory materials ensures that the units seldom crack – a common fault in the original Japanese design. (Brands using other materials, notably Portland cement) still suffer from cracking problems.)  With ceramic construction there is no flavor contamination (metallic taste) to the cooked food and for the same reasoning, lump wood charcoal is the preferred choice for modern Kamado cooking. Not only does lump charcoal produce little ash, the alternative charcoal briquettes contain many additives that can contaminate the flavor of the food.
Kamado Joe Ceramic and Gas Grills S Louis Dealer
Kamado Joe Combo Grill St Louis dealer
Kamado Joe Built-in with Teak Table - RedKamado Joe with Standard Cart and Side Shelves - RedKamado Joe Grilling with chicken stter grilling chickenMaking Pizza on a Kamado Joe
Kamando Joe Grilling/Slow Cooker/Roasting/Searing/Smoking Temperature Times
Kamando Joe Heating Elements
Kamando Joe Heating Elements
Kamado Joe Parts
How Kamado Joe Heats
Kamado Joe Grilling/Slow Cooker/Roasting/Searing/Smoking Temperature Times

Kamado Joe / Primo Ceramic Charcoal Grills : St Louis

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Big Joe with cart - Black or Red - Super - 24" sized version; includes cart, side shelves, gripper and ash tool. Extra large thermometer; over-sized casters - one heavy duty Kamado.
Pro Joe Stainless Gas Grill Ultra 42"  St Louis dealer
Kamado Joe and Stainless Pro Joe side by side  comparison  St Louis dealer
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Shigs in Pit BBQ Rubs and Sauces St Louis Retail Dealer
Primo XL Ceramic Kamado Grill and smoker in a Teak Table St Louis Retailer