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Vent Free - Direct Vent - Conventional Venting: What Is Best For Your Home?

           - Vent-Free -

Typically, Vent-Free products are 99.9% fuel efficient and offer the ultimate in installation flexibility because no venting system is required. This is the perfect choice where there is no access to flues or chimneys and automatic shutoff devices make our vent-free products safe.

The Catalytic Vent-Free models are premium Vent-Free units that include a catalytic combustor to further cleanse impurities in the air.

          - Direct-Vent -

With a Direct-Vent heating product, economy is increased by using outside air to support combustion. Inside air is warmed as it re-circulates around a sealed combustion chamber, and this warm air heats the room and reduces drafts.

Direct-Vent units are ideal where existing flues or chimneys cannot be used.  Direct vent pipe is a pipe within a pipe - one for fresh air and the other for products of combustion and may go horizontally thru the wall or vertically.

    - Conventional or B-Vent -

The Conventional Vent version allows connection to an existing flue or can be vented vertically. The vent pipes are connected between the firebox and an existing chimney or flue to carry the products of combustion outside. It is perfect for replacing your current woodstove or for installations without access to an outside wall.  One characteristic of Conventional Vent heating is that the product uses inside air to support combustion. Because conventional venting is right for many situations, such as inside wall configurations, Victorian Sales has has a complete line of space heating prodcuts and Cast Iron Stoves that implement
this method
of venting.
Brief explanation of various forms of venting for gas products as well as vent-free
Vent free Gas Products St Louis Dealer